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6 Ways to Lower your Heating Bills During Frigid Weather

With frigid temperatures forecasted this weekend, the 70 degree unseasonable warmth of December seems like a distant memory.  This weekend meteorologists are already warning New Jersey Residents remain inside, as a cold-weather blast approaches the Jersey Shore.

Now we can’t stop the chilly weather, but we can help you to create a warm, comfortable environment for you and your family this winter.  Below are a list of tips for you and your family to enjoy the Shore, year round.

Install Proper Insulation in Crawlspace & Attic 

Improper insulation is the leading cause of heat loss throughout the winter.  As a standard, we install Encapsulated Insulation in the Crawlspace, providing you long lasting protection against the cold weather.

Seal Air Leaks

Foundation Cracks and air leaks are a large source of heat loss.  Our techs look to seal your crawlspace and attic from the elements.

Install a 12-Mil String Reinforced Vapor Barrier

By reducing the humidity in your home you let your heating system work less , lowering your heating bills.  A Moisture Barrier will also help reduce the amount of water vapor being absorbed by your wood structure, reducing the chances of mold growing.

Insulate your Attic Door

Insulate your attic door to close off the building envelope.  By sealing off your building envelope you allow your heating system to keep the heat in the living areas within your home.

Tighten, Lubricate, and Adjust the Foundation Vents

Make sure that your vents are closed properly throughout the winter months.  We tighten and lubricate the 12 pivot points in the back of your temp vents to extend the life of your vents.  If you have the old-style stationary vents, we make sure that the screening is intact to prevent rodent infestation. 

Keep Thermostats at a Steady Temperature

Turning your thermostat up high when arriving home can cause a large spike in heating bills throughout the winter.  Maintain a comfortable, constant temperature.

We hope that you stay warm throughout this weekend and the remainder of the winter season here, at the Jersey Shore.  Jersey Shore Crawlspace is a local company specializing in a wide array of Crawlspace services designed to save you money and protect the health and comfort of you and your family.  Give us a call today at (877) 792-7235 to schedule a comprehensive evaluation of your crawlspace and at attic! 

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween, keep goblins and ghosts at bay – While saving energy and money with these home energy efficiency tricks.

With All Hallows’ Eve on our doorstep the boundary between the living and dead thins.  Ghosts and goblins roam as witches take to the sky.  Now whether you get involved with all the paranormal activities of Halloween or not, don’t let your energy bills give you a fright!

Defend yourself from wandering spirits and high energy bills by sealing foundation cracks and air leaks in the crawlspace.  Air leaks and foundation cracks let cold air into the home and can cause your heating and cooling systems to work harder.  Sealing these leaks are an affordable service that can save you lots of money over time and provide a comfortable living environment throughout the year.

Be sure to have your crawlspace vents serviced by a professional to help prevent pipe freezes and minimize the amount of creepy cold air entering your home.

Banish creatures of the night by installing outdoor solar lighting.  They come in many different options to match the exterior of your home and add no cost to your electric bill.  They’re a great way to light your way and prevent vampires from hiding in the shadows.

Make sure that your home is insulated properly.  Crawlspace, attic and pipe insulation can provide a large amount of benefits to you as a home owner.  Pipe insulation helps provide warm water faster, while providing you and you’re family peace of mind when it cobmes to pipe freezes.  Crawlspace floor insulation can help eliminate those pesky drafts and cold floors throughout the cold days of winter and attic insulation will help keep in that much needed heat in where it belongs, here on the Jersey Shore.

We hope you all enjoy your Halloween and keep away evil spirits and high energy bills with these energy efficiency tips.  After all saving money and energy alike is a treat that keeps on giving.

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