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Point Pleasant Crawlspace Dehumidification

Crawl spaces are susceptible to high humidity that can rust metal and rot wood, which threatens the structural integrity of your home. Excess moisture can also damage insulation or diminish its ability to restrict the transfer of heat. Poor insulation can increase your heating and cooling expenses. Moisture encourages the proliferation of dangerous mold that raise your risk for developing serious respiratory problems, such as asthma and allergies. It creates a welcoming environment for wood-boring pests like termites, carpenter ants and powderpost beetles. The most effective way to avoid these time-consuming and expensive repairs is to control humidity before it endangers your home, health and family.

Ventilating this space with outside air can worsen the problem in regions of the country with high humidity levels. Although you can reduce or eliminate light moisture with proper air circulation, severe moisture may require additional measures, such as installing a vapor barrier and supplementary or larger vents as well as a dehumidifier. If you need assistance, contact Jersey Shore Home Moisture Management for a free, no-obligation comprehensive crawlspace evaluation.

At Jersey Shore Home Moisture Management, we have the expertise to diagnose your problem and develop an effective moisture control plan. We are a full-service contractor dedicated to helping our customers enjoy healthier and safer environments. Our team of experienced professionals can install waterproof vapor barriers and dehumidifiers. Other essential services include removing damaged insulation and treating for rodents, insects and other pests. We can also perform an annual inspection and post-storm recovery services. Our integrated strategy improves air quality and energy efficiency while creating a crawl space that increases the curb appeal and value of your home.