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Health Risks Associated With Moisture and Mold in NJ


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6.   4 Reasons Why Your Damp House Is Wrecking Your Health   Search:  4 reasons why your house is wrecking your health

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Home Value Resources - How Mold and Moisture Problems Affect Your Home's Value

11.   Realty Times: "Stigma and Value Issues Relating To Mold"      Search:stigma and mold   (In this article the author suggests that a homeowner could experience a 17% to 24% reduction in a home's value when mold is present)

12.   EHow Money - Real Estate:  "Does Mold Affect House Value?"    Search: mold affecting house value       (In this article the reporter notes that "most real estate professionals agree that a mold problem should be addressed by a current owner to minimize its impact on value"  "If you've got mold, your property won't sell as quickly or at the same price as similar houses in the neighborhood")

13.   Wall Street Journal - Real Estate Article:  Will a History of Mold Haunt a House Forever?"  August, 2003      Search: will a history of mold haunt a house forever      (This article, from the Wall Street Journal suggests a possible 10% loss in value if a mold problem is not corrected.)

14.   Inspector Dan Howard:  "Mold In The House" www.homeinspections by    Search:  mold in the house    (This experienced home inspector states that "the presence of mold can drastically affect the resale value of any house")