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Insulating Your New Jersey Home from Winter Weather

Insulation for_constant_contactIs there a way to make your home more comfortabe while lowering your energy bills? Yes, there is, and it could be as simple as installing additional insulation. Most folks know about attic insulation recommendations, but the importance of insulating basements and crawlspaces is often overlooked. If your home has at least 6 inches of attic insulation, you can save more money by making improvements to other parts of your house. The basement or the crawlspace is the first place to start. Improvements to this area can reduce energy costs significantly and increase your comfort.

Reasons to Insulate Your Basement or Crawlspace

A well-insulated home is quieter, drier and easier to heat and cool. It is also better protected from pollen, dust, mold and pests. Heating and cooling accounts for half of all household energy use. You can effectively reduce these demands by insulating key areas. Insulation and vapor barriers control moisture infiltration and reduce uncomfortable drafts and cold spots. Insulating water pipes and utility lines that enter your home at the ground level will also save money and prevent potential moisture problems. If you have a raised home next to the beach, it's just as important to insulate these lower areas.

Insulating Existing Structures

Adding insulation is clearly a cost-effective way to keep your home comfortable and secure. Now, let's look at how the process works. Crawlspaces are challenging areas. Installing insulation is a great way to keep out drafts and moisture, but it's extremely important that vents remain clear. At the same time, insulation panels need to be precisely trimmed to fit between joists and around any windows, pipes and electrical wires. Insulation should also be added to crawlspace access points and small gaps between the frame and foundation.

Even here in New Jersey, we don't have endless summers. When winter rolls around, be prepared for the worst weather. To get your home ready, call Jersey Shore Crawlspace today to request a quote on our insulation services.