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Mold & Moisture Control for NJ Crawlspaces

moisture barrierFor Jersey Shore homeowners, mold and moisture are facts of life. Whether the initial problem is caused by a post-storm leakage or condensation that builds up during humid periods, the result is the same: unsightly, malodorous and potentially unhealthy mold that can linger for years.

At Jersey Shore Home Moisture Management, we offer mold and moisture control services that actually work. First, we diagnose the source of the problem. If condensation or excess humidity is the culprit, we place absorbent insulation tape on "sweating" pipes, improve ventilation within the space and seal cracks through which moisture can creep. 

If the problem is caused by an outside leak or seep, we locate its source and take steps to dehumidify and seal the space. This prevents mold from forming or spreading. To get rid of existing mold mats, we use safe chemicals, abrasives and HEPA filters that eliminate spores and create unfavorable conditions for further growth. When we're done, your basement will look better than it has in years - or at least since your mold problems started.

Mold and moisture control aren't just aesthetic concerns. Since basement mold can aggravate allergies and cause serious respiratory complications, removing it and preventing future growth are crucial to your family's health. We use cutting-edge safety equipment and practices to ensure that spores don't spread during the cleanup process.

Our mold and moisture control services can also boost the value of your Jersey Shore home. When it comes time to sell, you won't attract many buyers with a smelly, unsightly basement that could pose health dangers to children and the elderly. In exchange for a few hours of work, you'll enjoy financial peace of mind for years to come.

Are you tired of foul-smelling, potentially dangerous mold and moisture in your basement and crawlspaces? At Jersey Shore Home Moisture Management, we're happy to help. Please fill out the online contact form or call 877-792-7295 for a free estimate.