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More About The Mold That Might Be In Your Brick Home

A lot has been written about “mold” over the last fifteen years or so and it has become a big, hot issue when it comes to building inhabitants. In recent years, mold has become the subject of numerous lawsuits, it causes school buildings to be closed for long periods of time, residential homeowner insurance companies don’t like to cover it and real estate professionals cite it as one of the leading factors for a decrease in a home’s resale value and the reason buyers cancel purchase contracts.     

Ask yourself this one simple question: Would you have purchased your home if you knew it had mold?  The Answer is probably not.

Yet, Mold (and what causes it) is a rather simple issue.

You can not find a doctor who will tell you mold in your home is good.

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Mold has only one purpose and that is to breakdown or eat dead organic matter. By “organic” we mean a material that was once living, such as wood. Mold sends out its spores everywhere, by air, and these spores can lay dormant for years. However, when something organic is dead and wet mold will grow on it and eat it. ( Note: mold denotes mold or other fungi, of which there are thousands of varieties)

With mold spores being everywhere, and our buildings and homes being constructed of organic materials and filled with contents that are also made from organic materials, this factor can not be controlled. Thus, the only contributing factor that can be controlled is the moisture in a building or a home.

Wood  +  Moisture   =   Mold

Kenneth Hellevang, PhD and Professional Engineer in his 2004 Paper entitled “Keep Your Home Healthy” notes: “Indoor air quality is important because we breathe about 5,ooo gallons of air daily and spend 90 percent of our time indoors. Everyone’s health is affected by indoor air quality, but children and the elderly are at higher risk of adverse effects. Indoor air quality problems can be life threatening, such as exposure to carbon monoxide. Exposure to mold can cause respiratory problems and can trigger asthma attacks.” 

Professor Heelevang also notes that if you can smell mold or see mold, you have a mold problem and “since people react to mold whether it is living or dead, the mold must be removed”.

Did you Know That?

A study performed in 2007 and reported in the journal Science Daily revealed a clear link between mold and asthma and found that removing indoor mold improves the symptoms of people with asthma as well as there being noticeable improvements in other symptoms like sneezing, running or blocked noses and itchy-watery eyes. For more information on this study you can go to .

Jersey Shore Home Moisture Management offers homeowners the most affordable, effective and environmentally safe mold treatment system available in the industry today. Our trained technicians use only EPA registered, “green industry” endorsed mold treatment products to thoroughly treat and disinfect all of the structural wood in your crawlspace.

Once treated, you will have the Peace Of Mind of knowing that you have taken a major step toward protecting your family’s health and preserving the value of your home.

WARRANTY - A Complete Crawlspace Mold Treatment entitles you to JSHMM’s ten year Mold Treatment warranty. This warranty is transferable in the event you should sell your home.