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Pavement ants are common indoor pests in the Northeast. A significant portion of Jersey Shore homes are infested with these insects, and they can be difficult to get rid of. Jersey Shore Pest Control has been effectively exterminating pavement ants and other household pests for over 12 years.

Signs of Pavement Ants in Brick & Avalon

Pavement ants are about an eighth of an inch long and range in color from dark brown to black. Their name is a result of their tendency to build colonies in the cracks and crevices of cement slabs. Pavement ant colonies consist of workers, drones, and a queen. Workers gather food and defend the colony while drones mate with the queen to produce eggs. They are territorial insects, and colonies will often invade and conquer their neighbors during turf wars.

Pavement ant colonies become a nuisance when they invade homes in search of food. They can enter the home through windows and tiny cracks and gaps. Once inside, pavement ants hunt for fatty and greasy foods like meat, nuts, and cheese. They will also eat sweet foods like ice cream and candy. Their love of human food is a problem because they can contaminate it with their waste. Ants also crawl on filthy floors and drag other contaminants along with them. Infestations are an even bigger problem when pavement ants build their colonies inside the walls and insulation of a home. These colonies are much more difficult to locate than the outdoor mounds built by other ant species.

Call the Professionals at Jersey Shore

As long as they can find food, pavement ants will continue to target a building. If you notice pavement ants around your home or office, contact Jersey Shore Pest Control. Our experts will get rid of the infestation and keep other ants off the premises. We service all New Jersey Shore towns.