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 Pipe Insulation From Jersey Shore Crawlspace

frozenpipeNow is the perfect time to start preventing frozen water pipes. The simple fact is that water expands as it freezes. With nowhere else to go, it will expand right through pipes, causing them to bulge and eventually burst. Even the strongest pipes are no match; ice can tear right through metal or plastic. It follows that any pipes running through a crawlspace are also at risk. Temperatures aren't below freezing yet, so what can you do now to make sure your pipes make it through the winter?

One thing that people often don't consider is leaks either in exposed pipes or under the building foundation. In addition to higher water bills and the damage that a shifting foundation can cause, leaks also make pipes more vulnerable to freezing. Additionally, a leaky indoor faucet or toilet that drips down a drain line can cause problems as well. This is different from letting a faucet run to prevent freezing; here, the leak down the drain line can cause ice build up and contribute to freezing pipes. There may also be air leaks that allow exposure to frigid air and increase risks.

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Inspecting pipes now to discover and repair leaks can save you a world of trouble during winter months. In addition, insulating crawlspace pipes will greatly lower the risk of frozen pipes and is another step to take before the cold hits. Crawlspaces present unique challenges that other areas don't have. You might open under-sink cabinets to allow warm air circulation, but properly managing a crawlspace requires more.

Jersey Shore is a leading crawlspace specialist. We can diagnose any pipe leaks and insulate all pipes to further protect your home from the elements this winter. Call today to schedule a winterization service.