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Cockroaches are a widespread pest throughout the US, and the Jersey Shore is no exception. Unfortunately, these creatures are as tough as they are repulsive. Fully ridding a home of cockroaches tends to be a challenge. Jersey Shore Pest Control has the knowledge and skills necessary to eradicate cockroaches and their eggs for good.

Cockroaches are hardy insects that can survive almost anywhere in the world. The German cockroach is the most common species in New Jersey. German cockroaches can be identified by the dark stripes behind their heads. This species requires a warm environment, and they are especially prevalent in homes when temperatures drop. The oriental cockroach is black and typically lives in basements. American cockroaches are the largest roaches in New Jersey. These roaches spend most of their time foraging for food in kitchens. A female cockroach can lay hundreds of eggs in its lifetime.

Health Risks of Roaches in your Ocean City Home

Their appearance is actually not the worst thing about roaches. The main problem with these insects is their ability to make people sick. The saliva and other waste left behind by roaches can contain salmonella as well as over 30 other types of bacteria. This bacteria contaminates food and surfaces in the home. In addition to bacteria, Roaches carry many different parasites and pathogens that are harmful to humans. The proteins that they carry are also a health hazard. These proteins have the potential to aggravate allergies and asthma.

Let the Professionals at Jersey Shore Help

The potential health effects of a cockroach infestation are hard to ignore. Jersey Shore Pest Control can get rid of them and keep other cockroaches off the premises. If you notice roaches around your home, contact us and begin the extermination process. Serving all towns along the New Jersey Shore.