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Lower Your Energy Costs with an Energy Effecent Crawlspace

Country Home in Autumn smallIn order to reduce the energy costs of our customers, our business uses a wide range of techniques, such as insulating pipes and adding thick doors to crawlspaces. Our experts here at Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement also specialize in winterizing houses of all types, and we are able to install barriers that prevent moisture and cold air from entering homes. 

Insulating Crawlspaces and the Attic

Insulating your crawlspace will provide you the largest payback in our vast array of crawlspace and attic services.  Insulation can save you between 12-17% on your heating and cooling bills throughout the year.  When combining our cold weather services, some of our customers have enjoyed up to 30% savings in a year!

We believe in closing off the building envelope and focus on keeping heat in and the cold out of all living spaces. 

By insulating the hot and cold water lines also known as “wrapping pipes” can quicken the time of hot water delivery to faucets and shower heads throughout the home.  It also helps reduce the risk of pipe freezes which can be a devastating experience. 

Doors for Crawlspaces 

Our Crawlspace Doors are custom framed and installed using Azek, a synthetic building material used in construction of boardwalks and other applications that are susceptible to the harsh elements of the shore.  Our goal in installing a new crawlspace door is to properly seal the crawlspace to help reduce heating and cooling costs throughout the year. Often times plywood doors rot, and fall victim to pests and rodents, causing an infestation.

Installing Vents

Proper Ventilation is crucial in controlling moisture in your crawlspace, protecting pipes from freezing and helping reduce heating bills this winter.  Throughout the fall and winter months your vents should be closed.  If you have manual vents it is wise to close them in temperatures less than 45 degrees.  Automatic Temperature vents should be tighten, lubricated and adjusted throughout the year to help protect your crawlspace and your savings!

Installing Moisture Barriers

A string reinforced vapor barrier installed by Jersey Shore Crawlspace will help provide you and your family a comfortable living situation throughout the year.  A moisture barrier helps reduce the amount of water vapor into your home. 

On the Jersey Shore an average of 18 gallons of water vapor escapes the ground into your home each day.  By mitigating the flow of water vapor you can reduce the relative humidity throughout your home.  This eradicates dampness or musty odors within the home, causes the heating and cooling in your home to work less, and helps protect your family from experiencing mold and mildew growth by controlling the moisture in the crawlspace.

During the summer, condensation may form in the crawlspace, and as a result, moisture will seep through the wood and potentially cause mold to develop..

Often time's sidewall insulation and moisture barriers can act as a good retardant to elevated moisture levels and promote a more energy efficient home. We also look to seal off the outer perimeter of the crawlspace creating a buffer to the outside elements.

Other Techniques 

There are many simple fixes you can make within your home to reduce your heating and cooling bills.  Thicker curtains can help keep heat in throughout the winter.  Making sure that windows and doors are sealed properly as well as all the crawlspace doors, vents and coverings will better shield your home from the cold

Getting Started

To get started, give us a call 888-499-6847.  We would be happy to come out and perform our twice annual evaluation service, providing our cold weather expertise to help you through another winter here on the coast!