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Preparing your Jersey Shore Home for Winter Weather

snowmanBefore the deep freeze settles in the New Jersey area, it's important to seek out sources of energy loss around your home. Over 50 percent of your energy bill consists of money spent on heating or cooling, and our comprehensive winterization service can help you keep more of that money in your pocket.
By winterizing your home, you:

• Eliminate costly sources of heat loss
• Prevent home damage from moisture or freezing
• Improve overall home efficiency
• Increased comfort and value

Evaluating Heat Loss

An easy way to determine where your home is losing heat is to call in the pros at Jersey Shore Crawlspace. A home energy audit highlights energy loss and helps you determine the right course of action to correct it. For specific areas such as crawlspaces, our specialists in crawlspace enhancement can give you an overview of the proper winterization process.

Maintaining Insulation

Any space in your home that lacks insulation will leak heat. The attic is the biggest culprit with heat rising and escaping out through the roof. Inspect insulation in the upper floor and throughout the house for gaps and fill them in if necessary.

Exposed pipes running through cold areas are prone to freezing, cracking or leaking during the winter. Check the insulation to make sure it's in good condition and have any uninsulated pipes covered to prevent damage.

Controlling Moisture

Wet insulation stops holding heat in and starts allowing it into your home resulting in cold floors and poor heat efficiency. Crawlspaces may be prone to condensation that results in damp insulation (common identifier of damp insulation: Falling Insulation), thus these areas must be corrected to avoid heat loss.

Clean gutters and proper lawn gradient keep the interior of your home dry by ensuring that water flows away from the house rather than toward it. Inspect gutters for clogs and prevent ice dams with regular cleaning. If your lawn is graded in the direction of your foundation, it may be time to call a landscaping company to fix it before an unexpected thaw sends water pouring into your crawlspace.

Sealing Cracks and Leaks

The best way to keep water out and heat in is to inspect the interior and exterior of your crawlspace for foundation cracks and fill any that you find. We check the entire perimeter of the foundation and areas within the attic during our attic evaluations, and use mortar or spray foam insulation to plug holes that let heat escape.

Inside, feel around windows and doors for drafts. Install weather-stripping or storm windows if necessary and invest in "draft snakes" to block air coming in under doors. Cover crawlspace vents to keep warm air from flowing out of the home. These precautions help to keep moisture out and heat in by maintaining a more consistent temperature throughout the house and reducing condensation that can lead to mold and mildew.

Cotact Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement

Ensure that your home is thoroughly winterized with a call to Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement. We will provide a thorough 22 point evaluation and explain each service we provide in great detail and how it can benefit you and your family. Our specialists can educate in how our comprehensive methods can pinpoint and fix problems with your crawlspace, insulation and more. Put a stop to wasteful energy loss and enjoy a more comfortable home today.