April Showers May Bring Unwanted Moisture

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With Spring underway, we are all excited for the nicer weather, flowers blooming, and all the fun events here at the Jersey Shore April showers. Over the last 6 months we have endured a ton of rain being dropped, and Spring, will be no different.

It’s important to be aware of what those pleasant spring showers can mean for your crawlspace or basement. With the combination of a generally mild winter and excessive rain, it is important that you are prepared for what is to come.

Living at the Jersey Shore, it is important to maintain seasonal monitoring of your crawlspace or basement to ensure the environmental factors we face are not leading to damaged insulation, mold growth, or any other issues synonymous with a wet crawlspace or basement. To make sure your crawlspace or basement is up to the challenge, give us a call today to schedule a comprehensive crawlspace evaluation.

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A Wet Winter to a Wet Spring

water in basementFrom snow melting to Spring showers, your crawlspace or basement can be struggling to fend off a large amount of water. If not monitored properly, conditions can worsen quickly under your home. We offer a wide array of crawlspace drainage services to enhance your crawlspace and protect against adverse conditions, such as sump pumps, french drains, drainage matting, and much more. Drainage issues can lead to other issues causing structural damage to the foundation of your home.


April Showers May Bring Mold

moldy woodMold grows in the same manner we follow a recipe. If there is enough moisture in the wood, mold will grow. If your home is not being monitored by a crawlspace professional there is potential that these conditions may exist and mold can form under your home quickly if left unaddressed. Mold growth can cause adverse health effects, and symptoms often contribute or mimic asthma and allergy related symptoms.

With Jersey Shore Crawlspace, we provide you with constant monitoring of your crawlspace environment. Our process is very beneficial to any home ownership situation and often comes in handy to identify leaks, minimize repair costs, and protect the health and value of your home.

This time of the year, our technicians identify any water issues, along with the multitude of pest related infestations common this time of the year. Give Jersey Shore Crawlspace a call for all of your needs this spring!

Coming Up Next

Later this month, read on to learn more regarding the effects of moisture, along with the different types of moisture problems. These problems range from excessive humidity, standing water and puddling, exterior drainage problems and more!

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