Best Ways to Keep Moisture Out of Your Basement

If there’s one place in your house that you want to keep dry as a bone, it’s the basement. Unfortunately, the basement is also the place in your home where water is most likely to accumulate. Therefore, to avoid costly and tedious repairs, you need to stay on top of the humidity control of your basement before any significant damage occurs. Here are some ways to spot moisture in your basement and tips for keeping it water free.

How to Spot Moisture

Moisture damage can come slowly, and sometimes moisture can exist undetected in a basement for a while before you even realize you have a problem. One way to check for moisture is to look for cracks or peeling paint on your walls. Also, sniff around your basement and see if it has a musty, damp odor. If you're able to spot mold with your eyes, that’s good, but even if you can’t see it, you may be able to smell it. Finally, if your basement is home to numerous insects and other pests, it may be because they are able to live on the water that your basement provides.

How to Keep Your Basement Dry

Now for the most crucial part: Making sure moisture doesn't seep into your basement. First, check that your gutters and downspouts are effectively carrying water without clogging. Downspouts and gutters are designed to direct rainwater away from your house, but if they become stuffed with debris, water can overflow, running down the side of your home and into your basement.

Next, if your walls and floors are not waterproofed, try to do that as soon as possible. Special sealants can be sprayed on concrete and masonry to create a hydrophobic membrane. Use these sprays as liberally as possible; don’t hold back. Also, you should insulate your cold-water pipes so that condensation doesn’t build up and fix any holes and cracks you find with a waterproofing compound or patching. Finally, always have a dehumidifier running in your basement as a last line of defense against any moisture that manages to slip in.

Water is everywhere, and it may seem impossible to control where it goes and what it does. However, modern technology and human ingenuity have made it doable. All you need is the initiative. For more information, or to receive quality crawlspace and pest control services, visit us at Jersey Shore Crawlspace today.

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