Crawlspace Encapsulation & Moisture Management Equals Mold Prevention

What brings mold into your home or place of business? Why does it matter? Even if you don’t mind the persistent sour smell of mold getting into everything you own and invading your nightmares, mold growths have serious health hazards. Protecting your family, business or property investment is a matter of working to stop mold from growing or spreading.

How can you evict mold from your property and your life? Here’s how a simple combination of proper moisture management and smart, economical building modifications like crawlspace encapsulation can help.

Mold Explained

Mold is a general name for a broad group of fungi. Distributed around the world, these organisms are known for forming colonies of millions of individuals acting together to decompose food, break down plant matter and ruin buildings.

Mold depends on water to live. According to the U.S. EPA, controlling moisture is the preferred means of staying on top of mold growth. Since a small patch of mold can spread all over your property, being proactive is definitely worth the added effort it requires.

When mold establishes itself, it can reduce the quality of the air that you breathe by releasing thousands of wind-borne spores as it attempts to reproduce. Sensitive individuals who unknowingly inhale these spores can suffer severe allergic reactions. Mold also poses problems for those with already-compromised respiratory systems, such as the elderly, young and chronic disease sufferers.

Mold has a notorious sour smell that tends to pervade everything in a contaminated space. Upholstery, furniture, clothing, wood, concrete and other surfaces that are permeable to water are at particular risk.

Encapsulation in Simple Terms

Encapsulating the crawlspace beneath your home means sealing it off from the outside world. In addition to transforming existing entryways into airtight closures, we insulate walls and unfinished surfaces with materials specifically designed to keep water out. When you don’t have to contend with humidity or seeping groundwater, it’s far easier to maintain sterile conditions that stop mold from growing.

The encapsulation process also involves the repair and replacement of rotted or damaged insulation and a dehumidifier installation. When temperatures stay more consistent year-round, it’s easier to keep things as dry as possible at a minimal cost.

Does Your Property Need a Two-part Mold Solution?

Every mold infestation is different. So are the homes and offices that have to deal with them.

Don’t sit back while a problem that you could have avoided ruins your future. Contact Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement to learn how we can improve your outlook on property ownership. We proudly serve multiple towns along the Jersey Shore, so check out our service area and see if we can help!