Keep Summer’s Humidity out of Your Crawlspace!

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With summer approaching this month, the humidity outside is starting to increase. But what happens to your crawlspace during these upcoming months of high humidity? Humidity in your crawlspace can lead to negative impacts on your home and health value. Relative humidity is the amount of water vapor that is present in your air in comparison to the greatest amount of vapor the air can hold at that temperature.

There are several different components you can choose to ensure the harsh temperatures of the Summer stay enclosed out of your home. Every home is different, so every solution is different and we would like to find the perfect one for you!

Having one of our trained technicians evaluate your crawlspace or basement is imperative to ensure you and your home are protected from the lasting effects of humidity. To make sure you home is up to challenge, call us today to schedule a comprehensive crawlspace evaluation!

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The Effects of Humidity

moldCrawlspaces that have a relative humidity greater than 50% is at risk of experiencing poor indoor air quality which can lead to a number of effects on you and your home. This process typically starts with water vapor seeping into your crawlspace from the outside environment. Condensation starts to build up in your crawlspace creating the perfect environment for mold spores and pests to thrive. When condensation issues aren’t addressed, mold growth starts to form. This leaves you and your family exposed to allergens if left untreated. Moisture in your crawlspace is also a magnet for pests, termites, and rodents. These nasty critters leave behind droppings which negatively affects the air quality in your home.

The Solutions

Here at Jersey Shore Crawlspace, we stand by our encapsulated system to be the most effective option in controlling the humidity in your crawlspace. Encapsulation is the practice of closing your crawlspace off to the outside environment, and conditioning the space to adequately remove excess levels of moisture within your crawlspace environment. Encapsulation helps prevent issues such as mold growth, poor indoor air quality, excessive energy costs and provides a more comfortable living environment for you and your loved ones.

encapsulationIssues in your crawlspace can affect your whole home. By having seasonal evaluations and being proactive in controlling the humidity in your crawlspace will provide a healthy home for you and your family. The best and most effective way is encapsulating your crawlspace which includes our encapsulated components such as our string reinforced vapor barriers, encapsulated insulation and our dehumidifiers. This will ensure that your home is protected by the environmental issues common in crawlspace homes here on the Jersey Shore.

Contact us today to have one of our trained technicians evaluate your crawlspace to see if your home can benefit from an Encapsulated System!

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