Cape May Court House is an unincorporated community located near the gorgeous New Jersey shoreline. Close to Ocean City, residents can enjoy the pleasures of living in a small town while also enjoying all the fun and excitement that a nearby big town brings. Residents enjoy nearby beaches, wide open seaside vistas and the adventure of living near one of the first ever seaside resorts in America.

Not all is perfectly enjoyable n Cape May Court House, however. The seaside air is often filled with humidity throughout the year, including during the very warm summers and the bitingly cold winters. This humidity spells big problems for homes and businesses, especially those that have been built over a crawlspace.

Crawlspaces are often used in place of concrete slabs particularly in older homes of which there are many. These are tiny areas that are frequently hard to slide into via the outside doors placed low on the foundation of the home. Because many crawlspaces do not have good ventilation, they hold onto humidity and moisture, which may lead to mold growth. Our crawlspace services at Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement can save home and business owners money on energy costs and can create safer and more healthful spaces.

Crawlspace Evaluations

With our comprehensive crawlspace evaluation, home and business owners can ensure that they do not have any ongoing problems beneath their buildings. We can fit into the tightest spots, where others loathe to go, and can check for moisture, mold growth, and structural damage. We recommend regular maintenance checks approximately three times per year. This lets us find problems quickly and notice changes that may occur during seasonal changes.

Mold Treatments

If we do discover mold in a crawlspace, we provide complete one-time treatments to get rid of this dangerous fungus, reduce structural damage from the mold, and get rid of uncomfortable symptoms that individuals may have from the mold. Mold treatments are most often necessitated by high humidity in crawlspaces.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

High humidity may best be treated with complete encapsulation, which creates a normalized environment within the crawlspace. Not only can it prevent mold growth, but also it can help to insulate the building, saving money on energy costs.

Other Services We Offer

We provide these additional crawlspace services in homes and businesses:

If you are living with a crawlspace beneath your home or business, comprehensive care can prevent damage and future costs. It can also improve your health throughout the year. Contact Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement today to find out more about what we offer and to get a free service quote.