Located on the beautiful New Jersey coastline, Cape May features wide-open skies, plenty of beaches, and much history. In fact, it is known as the nation’s oldest seaside resort. Visitors enjoy streets lined with Victorian homes, historical shops, and restaurants. While Cape May appeals to tourists looking for a summertime getaway, it is also a delightful town for those looking for a place to call home.

Cape May appeals to those looking for a laid-back town. However, home and business ownership always comes with a few headaches and problems. By addressing these problems quickly, individuals can keep them from turning into big issues that require expensive solutions. For example, Cape May homes or businesses built on crawlspaces may have issues with humidity in this seaside town. At Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement, we can maintain crawlspaces and correct issues inside them.

Crawlspace Evaluations

Crawlspace evaluations help homeowners know if they have any issues beneath their homes. Because these spots can be difficult for average individuals to get into, our professionals can look carefully at the space and ensure that it is dry and well-maintained. Our comprehensive evaluation will also look for issues that could cause expensive problems in the future. We evaluate three times each year to look for possible changes brought about by seasonal shifts.

Mold Treatments

Because crawlspaces can be damp, they provide excellent hiding spots for unhindered mold growth. Mold in a crawlspace can ruin a building’s structure and eventually cause breathing and other health problems if left to grow out of control. Our one-step mold treatments give individuals peace of mind and quick relief from such issues as sinus congestion, coughing and headaches.

Crawlspace Vapor Barrier Installation

Encapsulating your crawlspace cuts it off from the outdoor environment that could be causing excessive humidity in the space. This service decreases the risk of future problems in this area, including mold growth, odor and structural damage from rotting wood. In addition, it can save homeowners money on heating and cooling costs while improving the quality of the indoor air.

Other Crawlspace Services We Offer

Besides the crawlspace services already listed, we provide several other helpful and money-saving services for crawlspaces, including the following:

If your home or business is not built on a concrete slab, it is most likely positioned over a crawl space, which may not be easy to reach. At Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement, we can help you solve any problems that you may be having with your crawlspace and can help you achieve a problem-free space that is waterproof, airtight, and well-insulated. Contact us today to get a free quote on our services.