Carpenter Ant Control

carpenter-antThe Jersey Shore is a wonderful place to live, but unfortunately, carpenter ants find it as enticing as we do. Coastal living, while a major part of the appeal, comes with a significant amount of dampness. The Atlantic region's humidity makes it a dream destination for the carpenter ant population.

Common Jersey Shore Damage Caused by Carpenter Ants at the Jersey Shore

Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood. However, these large ants burrow into trees, building materials and other types of wood in order to build nests. This type of ant is drawn to damp or wet wood in particular, making houses on the Jersey Shore a prime target in need of quality pest control.

Both your trees and home are at risk for carpenter ant damage if you own property in the area. Carpenter ants build tunnels or "galleries" in wood so they can move from one section of your walls or trees to the next. These ants build two types of colonies: parent and satellite.

Parent colonies require a significant amount of moisture, so they often occur in trees, piles of firewood or tree stumps. Ants build satellite colonies indoors, wreaking havoc on the structure of your home and providing easy entry into the rest of your house. Once inside, carpenter ants will begin foraging for food.

Getting Rid of Carpenter Ants

If you see signs of carpenter ant infestation, from neatly hollowed-out wood colonies to sightings of the ants themselves, a qualified pest control professional can help. The experienced, reliable technicians at Jersey Shore Pest Control can easily identify and eliminate all traces of carpenter ants in your home. Protect your property from the hazards of a carpenter ant invasion by calling Jersey Shore toll-free today at 877-792-7295.

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