Carpenter Bee Control

carpenter-beeCarpenter bees are some of the most destructive springtime pests in New Jersey. The coastal climate of the Jersey Shore is perfect for bees, and they infest countless local structures each year. Jersey Shore Pest Control has years of experience with carpenter bees and can fully eliminate them from your property.

Characteristics of Carpenter Bees in Margate & Brigantine

Carpenter bees are relatively large and can grow to over an inch and a half in length. People often confuse them with bumble bees due to their black and yellow stripes, but they can be distinguished by their hairless bodies. Unlike many other bee varieties, they do not live in social hives. Instead, they build personal nests and live alone with their offspring. However, multiple bees often nest near each other. They build their nests by tunneling into wood with their powerful mandibles.

Damage Done by Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees can bore into any wood that is soft enough. Unfortunately, this includes manmade structures such as decks, sheds, fences, outdoor furniture, and wooden siding. Unpainted structures are especially vulnerable to infestations. Their nests leave unsightly holes in the wood, especially when a group of bees nests in the same area. Given enough time, a sizeable community of carpenter bees can completely destroy a wooden structure. Females also cause problems with their venomous stingers. Unlike honey bees, carpenter bees can sting more than once without dying.

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Carpenter bees often return to a location year after year. The damage that they cause over time can be costly to repair. If you see carpenter bees or their colonies around your home or office, contact Jersey Shore Pest Control. Our expert exterminators will get rid of these pests and prevent future infestations. We service all New Jersey Shore towns.

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