Rodent Control

rodentJersey Shore residents get to enjoy some of the most beautiful coastline in the United States. Unfortunately, living near the New Jersey coast also means dealing with the local wildlife. Each year, rodents invade New Jersey Shore homes and cause a number of problems for the inhabitants. Jersey Shore Pest Control has been getting rid of rodents and other pests in the local area for over a decade.

How to identify Rodents in Manahawkin & surrounding towns

There are several common rodent species in New Jersey that routinely infest homes and other buildings. Roof rats, which first came to New Jersey through its ports, can reach lengths of nearly two feet from head to tail. Norway rats are even larger, and they can often be found on the lower floors of buildings. Mice are also common pests in New Jersey. House mice are especially problematic because they prefer to live out their lives indoors. Deer mice usually live outdoors, but they will happily move into quiet areas such as attics.

Why you should call the Professionals at Jersey Shore

A rodent or two around the home may not seem as bad as an insect infestation, but rats and mice are actually among the most destructive household pests. In addition to contaminating food with their droppings, rodents often act as hosts for diseases. For example, deer mice transmit Lyme disease and dangerous hantaviruses. Their gnawing ruins walls, floors, and furniture. Rodents can also cause electrical fires due to their tendency to chew on wires. 

Rodents are clearly a threat, and infestations of any size should be taken care of quickly. If you notice signs of rodents around your home, contact Jersey Shore Pest Control. Our experts will get rid of any mice and rats and protect your home from future infestations. We service all of the towns along the New Jersey Shore.

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