Termite Control

termiteFew pests mean more trouble to a homeowner than the termite. With a voracious appetite for cellulose, these tiny insects can wreak havoc in a Jersey Shore home before the homeowners even know they have a problem. In a community that has already dealt with so much disaster, families can’t afford to lose their homes to a common pest.

Appetite For Destruction

Cellulose is found not only in the wood that makes up the framework of your home, but in your insulation, books, and even the firewood you might keep leaning against the house. Known to travel long distances for their next meal, termites will seek out and find a food source no matter what they have to go through. This means that many over-the-counter termite control solutions are ineffective.

Jersey Shore Protection

The damage termites can cause is astounding. Some of the more aggressive species can have colonies of up to 500,000 members. Though termites are small and seemingly inconsequential, it’s easy to see how much destruction they can cause when working with these kinds of numbers. This is precisely why you can’t wait until the last minute to make sure your home is protected. Take the proper steps and you won’t have to see your house destroyed by termites.

Taking Action

If you’ve noticed hollow-sounding wood in your home, mud tunnels, or discarded wings, you probably have a termite problem. Even if you’ve noticed nothing, a home inspection can ensure that you aren’t experiencing an infestation. Call us today to schedule that inspection. At Jersey Shore Pest Control, we take quick, decisive action, eliminating termites where they live. Our extensive service plans include options for multi-year protection, ensuring that your home never invites termites to come and dine again.

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