Villas, New Jersey, commonly called the Villas, is a small community resting within Lower Township in the beautiful and historic area of Cape May County. While fewer than 10,000 people call Villa home, it is a popular spot for visitors who are looking for waterfront relaxation. Most of the area is filled with residential homes, some of which are rented out to guests. The area also boasts beautiful Miami Beach and plenty of prime beachfront property.

As is the case for most waterfront properties, Villas, New Jersey, has high humidity for much of the year. This sets up homes and businesses for dampness. While this can be controlled in most livable areas with good air conditioning during the summer and dehumidification throughout the year, these solutions do not reach as far as the crawlspace.

Many homes and businesses are built on crawlspaces rather than over basements or on concrete slabs. These small spaces are often damp, eventually making way for mold growth and later structural damage. Home and business owners should take advantage of Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement’s crawlspace services to keep this part of buildings as good as new.

Crawlspace Evaluations

Any crawlspace treatment will begin with an evaluation of the area. Evaluations are also important for ensuring that the space is staying clean and dry. We recommend having this done three times each year.

Mold Treatments

If we discover that humidity levels are high during our evaluation we will turn to mold treatments to clean the space. Mold can produce many respiratory concerns, such as sinus congestion and coughing. Our one-time treatments are incredibly thorough.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Encapsulation puts a protective covering over much of the crawlspace to keep the dangerous atmospheric conditions from wreaking havoc in the area. Not only can it keep mold away, but also it can increase energy savings throughout the year and improve air quality. Encapsulation is particularly important for those who struggle with allergies or asthma.

Other Services from Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement

Besides these three vital services, our skilled technicians provide a host of other important treatments for your home or business. Choose us for the following services:

The foundation of your home or business is the most important part of the building because it sets up the entire building for structural security and high air quality. If your building rests on a crawlspace, you will want to make sure that you care for this area carefully, keeping the humidity levels low and keeping mold out of the area. Contact Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement now to get your free service quote and to schedule your crawlspace treatment.