The island city of Wildwood boasts long beaches that attract countless swimmers and surfers. Other popular activities range from parasailing to roller-coaster riding. A memorable boardwalk provides access to restaurants, shops, and various types of entertainment. Over 150 annual events help to make this an exciting place to live. Some residents own or rent waterfront homes. The city’s dwellings include townhouses, cottages, and larger single-family buildings. Local real estate listings reveal that many structures in Wildwood have crawlspaces. These chambers serve a vital purpose, but they can develop multiple serious problems without the proper crawlspace services.

Crawlspace Evaluations

Some of the most concerning issues involve mold, rotting or rusting materials, pest invasions, and ductwork condensation. Unfortunately, New Jersey home and business owners often neglect to think about this area until the above-mentioned problems cause severe damage or physical ailments. The good news is that Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement can thoroughly examine your crawlspace and determine if it needs attention. Among other things, our technicians check humidity levels, insulation, vents, and the foundation. We create videos, so you don’t have to depend on the accuracy of a written report.

Mold Treatments

The moist conditions in a crawlspace frequently promoteĀ mold growth. This substance has the potential to affect an entire house or office. It could ruin building materials, produce unpleasant odors, and cause asthma symptoms. You might experience more serious health effects if you try to remove it on your own. Our staff has the tools and training needed to thoroughly banish subterranean mold and stop it from making a comeback. We’re so confident in this service that each treatment includes a transferable warranty. It stays in effect for an entire decade.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

You can address an assortment of common problems by encapsulating your crawlspace. This process involves sealing the entire chamber and setting up a powerful dehumidifier. Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement installs durable vapor barriers that keep water at bay. We also seal cracks in the foundation. These improvements protect HVAC equipment, mitigate odors, and preserve structural components. Dehumidification can even cut residential or commercial cooling expenses during Wildwood’s lengthy summer. It also thwarts termites; these destructive insects thrive on excess moisture.

Additional Services

While mentioned above are our three main crawlspace services, our team of professionals also specialize in the following services:

Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement offers effective solutions to a wide range of basement and crawlspace conundrums. We began serving Wildwood-area residents over two decades ago. You can rely on our experienced technicians to use safe, efficient methods and materials that stand the test of time. Our firm’s impressive ratings and long-term guarantees reflect the staff’s commitment to lasting customer satisfaction. To get started, please contact us for a free estimate.