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Vapor Barrier Installation for Jersey Shore homes

At Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement, we have worked with homeowners who assume that if the roof isn't leaking and doors and windows are weatherproofed, the house is safe from moisture intrusion. Property owners forget the stuff that goes on inside the walls, and this mistake could cost real money in repairs and mold remediation.

What is a Vapor Barrier?

When you boil a pot of water on the stove with the windows closed, the window fogs up. This condensation shows that moisture is generated and warm air flows toward cold air. The vapor barrier prevents moisture from getting into and becoming trapped inside walls and crawl spaces. The vapor barrier, an industrial-grade membrane, should make the home airtight but still allow it to breath.

Benefits of Vapor Barrier Installation

Moisture control is key to minimizing mold problems in the home. Without a vapor barrier, moisture could be absorbed into the drywall, trapped inside walls and under floors and remain undetected until stains become apparent.Moisture in the wrong places will cause structural damage over time. Excess moisture left to sit on sills, joists and floors is a recipe for wood rot. Additionally, that rich, damp smell of accumulated moisture is difficult to eliminate and may have adverse effects on people who are sensitive to mold.Installation of vapor barriers will improve the energy efficiency of the home because it prevents warmer air from escaping while blocking cold air intrusion. This is important in areas with harsh winters like New Jersey.

Vapor Barriers that Work

The professionals at Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement can help property owners determine the efficiency of moisture barriers in their home. If the structure lacks a vapor barrier, we will walk you through the process of getting one professionally installed. Please contact Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement to schedule an appointment and to get a no-obligation estimate for vapor barrier installation that will protect your home for many years.