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Road to Becoming a Business Owner: In 1981, Rick was a young man on his way to a career in the field of ophthalmology sciences. Then, the unthinkable happened, his 28 year old older brother, Robert, died tragically and suddenly, leaving behind a wife, ten month old daughter and a neckwear manufacturing business he owned and ran out of a factory in Belleville, New Jersey. At the time the company was moderately successful with annual revenue approaching $400,000. and 20 or so employees operating out of a 3,600 square foot, turn-of-the-century, factory loft on Washington Street. The company’s and Robert’s business advisor approached Rick with the prospect of stepping into the business, buying the business from his sister-in-law and continuing the family business that was actually started by their grandfather. Rick agreed and thus, at age 24, became a business owner in the highly competitive garment industry. 

In honor of the memory of his brother, Rick renamed the company RLF Neckwear. Over the course of the next twenty (20) years, Rick honed his skills as a business owner, never deviating from the philosophy mentioned on this site's Home Page. By the mid nineties, Rick had guided the company to the point where RLF sales were topping five million dollars annually, the company employed over 300 skilled employees and he created a state of the art, fully automated, neckwear facility with over 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space with out-put capacity that was practically unrivaled in the industry. In the course of building his business, Rick earned the respect and business of some of the biggest names in neckwear designs and labels, such as Liz Claiborne, Burt Pulitzer; Geoffrey Beane, Valentino and YSL.                          .

By 2000, most neckwear manufacturing facilities like RLF’s fell victim to greater union demands and work disappearing to countries outside of America. While Rick’s efficient operation, made RLF one of the last to fall, it ultimately was also forced to end the eighty year old business.

A New Beginning Following Old Rules: Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement

After RLF, Rick’s entrepreneurial passion prompted him to become involved with a small, traditional pest control company. Rick’s experienced gained while building RLF, instinctively made him realize that in order for him to best assess the company’s strengths and weaknesses, he had to first understand the industry, traditional pest control methods and the best and latest scientific research available regarding creating healthier home environments.

Following years of work in the field, Rick came to understand that today’s environmental research covering moisture control and its corresponding impact as a non-chemical pest deterrent and on overall “home health” meant that, the old, traditional methods for addressing homeowner needs left many homeowners not receiving the most value for their money or the longer term benefits that could be derived from the application of the latest technologies. This led Rick to the formation of Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement and its trademarked CrawlspacePros approach to creating cleaner, safer and environmentally healthier crawlspaces and, in turn, healthier living spaces for homeowners. While its affiliated sister company, Jersey Shore Pest Control, LLC remains a State licensed Commercial Pesticide Applicator Business, Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement’s primary focus is total crawlspace environment enhancement, starting with a comprehensive professional assessment of each homeowner’s needs. Our dedicated field technicians are trained in today’s best non-chemical pest control methods and moisture management, including proper vapor barrier protection, energy saving insulation, mold treatments, proper venting and thorough sanitation of the crawlspace.

Our motto is “Protecting Families and Their Homes”. Rick oversees operations and manages Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement just like he did RLF, seeking to earn customers’ respect everyday.

About Us

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