encapsulated crawlspace

A vapor barrier is a key component to defend your home from excessive levels of moisture, humidity and mold growth. Every day, ground water evaporates and rises due to the stack effect. This rise of water vapor penetrates the wood structure within the crawlspace, while raising the relative humidity within the crawlspace and throughout your home.

At Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement, we are proud to offer vapor barrier installation services to help you keep your home healthy and protected.

Vapor Barrier Plastic

Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement installs the highest quality of vapor barriers (also referred to as a moisture barrier) installation.  

Our vapor barrier options range from 12-20 mil in thickness and are all string reinforced and made from 100% Virgin material right here in the United States.

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, your current vapor barrier, or lack of one, can be costing you substantially:

  • Is your crawlspace floor uncovered, just showing sand or dirt?
  • If you have a vapor barrier currently, is it torn, rumpled, or not completely covering the ground floor?
  • Are your foundation walls uncovered?
  • Is your vapor barrier a thin, black or clear material?

Benefits of Having a Crawlspace Vapor Barrier

Protection from Costly Moisture Problems
encapsulated crawlspace

A crawlspace vapor barrier provides adequate protection from rising moisture within the crawlspace environment.  The vapor barrier helps mitigate the flow of water vapor into your home’s environment, limiting your pest, rodent and termite activity, large scale repairs, and risk for structural damage

Reduce Mold Growth in your Crawlspace

Lowering your relative humidity and limiting moisture intrusion in your wood structure helps to prevent mold growth in your crawlspace. A moisture barrier also protects your wood structure from absorbing large amounts of water throughout the year leading to mold growth.  

Get rid of Musty Odors or that phantom “Shore Smell”

Ever notice musty odors following rain, or humid days? Living over exposed soil poses certain challenges within your home, and odors just so happen to be one of them. By ensuring your home has an adequate vapor barrier installed, you can be sure to reduce annoying odors at the source by reducing the flow of water vapors into the living quarters of your home.

Save Money on Heating and Cooling Costs

Did you know you can save up to 17% on average by encapsulating your crawlspace?  A string reinforced vapor barrier installation by Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement allows your heating and cooling systems to work less by reducing the relative humidity within your home.  This allows your heating and cooling systems to work less, saving you money!

Protect your Flooring

Humidity problems can cause warping, cupping and squeaky floors. Protect your investment into your home’s health.

Help in the Process of Selling a Home

A crawlspace vapor barrier will protect your crawlspace and the rest of your home. This added level of protection will help to maintain your home’s value and can make for a great selling point in the home selling process.

Before & After Vapor Barrier Installation


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