Crawlspace Doors by Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement

Unless your home boasts a full basement or rests on a concrete slab, it probably sits on a crawlspace. This low-ceilinged area allows access to a home’s pipes, wires, and ductwork.

Every crawlspace needs an entry that’s large enough to let people in and it should be installed correctly to keep moisture out and heat in by being properly secured to the foundation.

We use the highest quality materials so that your crawlspace door(s) stand up against the test of time.

All About Crawlspace Doors

crawlspace door

Our crawlspace doors are custom fabricated to your door entry leading into your crawlspace.

Each door is framed using pressure treated lumber, and an AZEK door is installed with hardware.

Our custom fabricated crawlspace doors provide an aesthetically pleasing approach to sealing your crawlspace from the outside environment.

Crawlspace doors exist in a variety of types and sizes. However, all good doors will:

  • Be waterproof and airtight. If water accumulates beneath the home, mold and mildew are sure to follow. An adequate crawlspace door will protect the area from heavy rains and floods while keeping damp air out.
  • Open and close with ease. If maintenance requirements or stormy weather should warrant immediate action, no one should have to fight with a crawlspace door.
  • Provide comfortable access. A proper crawlspace door will be large enough to admit human beings as well as any maintenance equipment that they need to bring in.
  • Be light in weight. In an emergency, the weakest family members may find themselves forced to open the crawlspace door. Will they be able to do it?
  • Suit the climate. The crawlspace door that works well in the Deep South may be inadequate to cope with a frigid northern winter. Some materials will crack in the cold. Others may fail to block sufficient moisture.
  • Be adequately sealed, properly framed, and correctly secured to the foundation. A custom installation will provide the best protection.

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We have helped thousands of our neighbors here along the shore to protect their home from moisture with a properly fitted and installed crawlspace door. Our team of crawl space experts offer the highest quality of defense against damp crawl spaces, energy inefficiency, and common problems found in homes with crawl spaces. Not only this, our team provides you with all of the information you need to make the right call in protecting your crawl space from moisture.

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