Insulation Services

On the Jersey Shore, it is imperative to have energy-efficient, properly installed insulation in your crawlspace to limit energy spending throughout the year. Insulation also helps to close your building envelope, keeping cool air in in the summer, and warm air in in the winter.

Every home can benefit from an insulation installation. Insulation helps to create a more comfortable home environment, save you money on heating and cooling costs, and protect your home from unwanted pests.

Insulation Benefits

Energy Savings

Money is obviously a key thought when it comes to making an improvement in your home. Our focus always is on saving you money. Second to the attic, insulation in the crawlspace has the biggest impact on energy consumption.

Our insulation installation services pay for themselves over time by saving our customers on average 17% on their heating and cooling bills throughout the year. We not only look to insulate your home properly, but to take it a step further and identify any other areas that are commonly missed like foundation cracks and air leaks.

These areas can cause a significant increase in energy costs. It’s also good for the environment! Insulation helps reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

We perform a comprehensive evaluation of your crawlspace before insulating, as this helps to identify any issues related to indoor air quality. We all care about our family’s health and well-being, so we want to protect that. When replacing insulation, it helps reduce the flow of harmful air particles into your home—but that’s only half the battle.

We make sure the insulation is not covering up any existing problems with the wood structure such as damp rot, mold, mildew, or fungus. Our inspections include moisture testing to determine if there are any issues that can lead to mold or mildew growth as well to help protect your family and your investment.

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As a homeowner, it is easy to become accustomed to that pesky cold room, drafty hallway, or bathroom with cold floors in the house. Take a stand against the cold this winter. By installing insulation and sealing air leaks, you:

  • Reduce noise from the outside.
  • Lessen pollen, dust and insects (or pests) entering your home.
  • Have better control of humidity.
Spring and Summer Benefits

Insulation not only helps you during the colder months, it allows your air conditioner to work less over the summer. This, in turn, can help provide a cooler summer. Who doesn’t love that? By closing off the building envelope to the warm weather and high humidity, you will have an even more enjoyable experience here at the Jersey Shore!

Protect the Value of Your Home

By protecting the health and comfort of your home with insulation, you are simultaneously protecting the value and investment you’ve made into your home. This will not only help protect you from costly repairs down the road, but it will help you if you ever find yourself in the process of selling your home.

Crawlspace Insulation

When is it time to replace your current insulation?

If you have falling or moist insulation, your insulation is not doing its job. Insulation often begins to fall when it absorbs moisture and becomes too heavy. Once your insulation retains moisture, it loses its retention value, rendering itself useless.

Types of Insulation Offered by Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement
Mineral Wool Insulation (Rockwool and Roxul Mineral Wool Insulation, other brands available)

Mineral wool insulation is the best insulation option when it comes to insulating your floor (the ceiling of your crawlspace). 

Mineral wool insulation offers high R-Value options, with a product that is resistant to moisture. In addition to its moisture resiliency, if the mineral wool insulation comes into contact with moisture, it does not lose R-Value, which occurs with other insulation types.

Mineral wool insulation performs well on its own or can be incorporated with rigid foam board insulation installed in the rim joists and walls of your home.

Benefits of Using Mineral Wool in Comparison to other Insulation Options:

  • Mineral wool is moisture resistant. If the insulation comes in contact with moisture, it does not lose retention value (or R-Value). 
  • It does not promote growth of fungi or mildew due to its moisture resiliency.
  • Made from natural and recycled materials and contains no fiberglass.
  • Non-combustible and has excellent fire resistance up to 2150 degrees.
  • Provides excellent sound absorbency.
  • Better fit than fiberglass insulation—the material expands to fit within standard joist sizes.

Depending on your floor joist height, we offer R-23 to R-30 Mineral Wool insulation options for insulating your floor.

Encapsulated Fiberglass Insulation

Encapsulated insulation is an alternative, cost-effective insulation option when insulating your floor. The insulation is installed between the floor joists in the “ceiling” of your crawlspace. This practice closes off the building envelope at the floor of your home.

Encapsulated insulation is fiberglass insulation housed in a vapor retarder to protect your investment from the inherently moist crawlspace environment.

This type of insulation is available in multiple R-Values (Retention Value), ranging from R19-R30 and is available in multiple widths to suit any floor joist configuration.

encapsulated insulation
Termite Resistant Foam Board Insulation

Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement offers termite resistant foam board insulation. This type of insulation is manufactured with a termiticide to provide an adequate defense against termite infestation.

The insulation is secured to your foundation walls, it has an R-11 retention value and provides superior protection from subterranean termites.

Sidewall or Rigid Foam Board Insulation

Sidewall insulation is one option when insulating your crawlspace. Our technicians secure the insulation, custom cut to fit your wall height, insulating your foundation walls. This closes the building envelope at the foundation walls.

Rigid Foam Board is moisture resistant and can stand up to even the harshest crawlspace environments.

Pipe Insulation

Frozen pipes or pipe bursts cost billions of dollars a year to American homeowners and can often be easily avoided. Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement offers superior protection to your water lines by offering foam pipe insulation.

This foam pipe insulation can be a life saver in the cold winter months. If your crawlspace pipes are exposed, foam pipe insulation can be a worthwhile investment for your home.

Insulation Installation Services by Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement

If you think that your house is ready for new, energy-efficient insulation, don’t hesitate to reach out to the pros at Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement! Call us or fill out the form below and a Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement representative will reach out to you shortly.