Crawlspace Services by Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement

We are the Shore’s leading crawlspace services and enhancement specialists.

For over 20 years, we have specialized in the evaluation, installation, and monitoring of thousands of homes here on the Jersey Shore.

Our systems are designed using components that have been hand picked by our highly trained staff in combatting moisture issues, improving indoor air quality, and protecting families and their homes for decades.

Crawlspace Evaluations

To determine a detailed set of recommendations to improve your crawlspace environment, our team will first perform a Comprehensive Crawlspace Evaluation (CSE). This is a 22-point inspection that includes a detailed set of photographs, an evaluation report, moisture readings, and a detailed review with you of our findings. This initial evaluation is how our team determines the best moisture management solutions for your home’s unique circumstances.

Drainage & Grading

If excessive moisture is finding its way into your home, we will create a custom approach to correct the drainage and grading issues that that your home is facing. Our waterproofing and drainage systems typically include a variety of services to both address the source of the issue and a proper solution. We have installed thousands of waterproofing measures and drainage systems across New Jersey so we can confidently say that we are the moisture management experts.


On the Jersey Shore, it is imperative to have energy-efficient, properly installed insulation in your crawlspace to limit energy spending throughout the year. Insulation also helps to close your building envelope, keeping cool air in in the summer, and warm air in in the winter.

We carry a variety of insulation types suitable for the crawlspace and our team will help you identify which option will best meet your needs. Having new, energy-efficient insulation installed is a worthwhile investment in your home because of the energy savings alone—anywhere from an annual decrease of 10-50% in heating and cooling costs.

Mold Treatments

Our industry leading mold treatments are the most effective way to eliminate mold within your crawlspace and protect it for years to come.

Our treatment process cleans and protects the wood structure from mold growth and is backed by an extensive 10-year transferrable warranty. Naturally occurring mold growth is not typically covered by homeowners insurance, even when mold is outlined as being covered. A mold treatment performed by a moisture management professional is the best way to protect your home from this harmful substance.

Sump Pumps

Jersey Shore Crawlspace offers various sump pumps that are fitting for just about every circumstance within the crawlspace.

We offer a full line of primary and back up battery systems that can protect your home in the event of a power outage.

Vapor Barriers

A vapor barrier is a form of plastic sheeting that is absolutely impervious to water vapor.

The Building Research Advisory Board highly recommends this form of flexible ground cover and vapor barriers, of this type, have consistently proven to significantly reduce homeowners’ energy costs.

Our vapor barriers are deterioration-proof and will never rot, harden, crack or peel. We utilize custom cut 12 Mil String Reinforce polyethylene coverings.

Cleanouts & Waste Disposal

We are a state-licensed waste transporter, so as an option, we offer to remove and dispose of all of your job waste.

Crawlspaces over time can accumulate construction debris from various contractors over the years or during your home’s construction. Our team bags up and removes the debris from your crawlspace.

Removal of old, rotten, or damaged insulation and installation of new, energy-saving encapsulated insulation. When performing Insulation Removals, an average sized crawlspace (1,000-1,200 Sq. Ft.) can create up to 30-40 bags of removed Insulation. We know, it’s a lot!


We offer dehumidifiers made specifically for the crawlspace. Big Box Store dehumidifiers are not designed to operate effectively within the crawlspace. These units are designed for temperatures and moisture levels common within living quarters, and consume excessive electricity, oftentimes resulting in spending hundreds of dollars a month to power.

Our units are designed specifically for the crawlspace, allowing the unit to run efficiently when combatting the inherently moist environment of the crawlspace.

Each unit comes backed with extensive warranties from both the manufacturer and Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement.

Doors & Vents

When it comes to sealing your crawlspace from the outside environment, we have custom fit options available.

Our crawlspace doors are custom fit to your crawlspace openings and fabricated using AZEK. AZEK, being comprised of synthetic PVC will last the life of your home. Additionally, we offer FEMA Approved SMART Vents and Automatic Temperature Vents which provide ventilation and protection of your foundation from flooding conditions.

Additional Services Offered by Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement

  • Home buyer crawlspace evaluations
  • Home seller crawlspace evaluations
  • Insurance claim support and facilitation
  • Deodorizer treatments
  • Storm recovery services
  • Environmentally friendly mold and fungi treatments (with treatment guarantee)
  • Complete disinfection & sanitization services for your crawlspace
  • General pest control services and rodent treatments
  • Three yearly evaluations as part of your annual inspection and servicing of manual crawlspace vents.

Did You Know? – Research has shown that homeowners who utilize professional methods for preventing or reducing the moisture that is allowed to enter their homes have a much greater likelihood of limiting the extent of potential damage to their homes caused by either wood-destroying insects, wood decay or fungi that can lead to harmful mold and mildew spores.

If you think that your family could be breathing unhealthy air, schedule a comprehensive evaluation of your home’s crawlspace with Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement today. Our crawlspace services can help your home stay healthy and protected. Click the button below or fill out the form at the bottom of the page and a Jersey Shore Crawlspace representative will be in touch with you shortly.