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Jersey Shore Pest Control, LLC is owned and managed by the same owner and principals as Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement, who have been involved in the traditional termite & pest control industry for over 12 years. In fact, you could say that Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement evolved from the vast experience gained while utilizing and practicing traditional pest control methods. Over the years, we’ve gained a better understanding that the best method for controlling termites & pests is to not let their wet and damp breeding conditions form in the first place. Thus, proper moisture management can be thought of as the best form of non-chemical pest control.

Of course there are times and conditions which demand treatment for termite or insect extermination. Jersey Shore Pest Control, LLC is a fully licensed pest control company. Its applicators are highly trained and skilled in the methods and techniques for treating a full array of insects or pests that are common in the Northeast and our particular region. If you are experiencing a problem, please click on the insect boxes below to learn more about the particular bug or insect that might be infesting your home.

General Pest Control (GPC) – What is it?

A GPC is an application of liquid sprayed 3-4 ft. along the house and also 6-8 ft. out from the house. This is for a knockdown of all insects and immediate population reduction. This is followed by the application of granular insecticide in a 6-8 ft. band around the house. This is for long-term residual effects. While the above does not guarantee that insects can’t appear, it is an effective way to minimize and reduce insect populations.

Jersey Shore Pest Control, LLC believes that proper evaluation leads to proper and adequate chemical application. Being based at and primarily servicing homes along the Jersey Shore means that we are highly sensitive to, and mindful of the importance of, our coastal environment. For this reason, we feel that too much chemical application can be as harmful to you and your environment as is the insect problem you seek to have corrected. We utilize the latest technologies in the business to assure that only the right amount of the most environmentally friendly chemical applications are used for your particular situation.

We Are Not Your Ordinary Termite & Pest Control Company

Signs of termite infestation are often difficult to spot. Experts know that termites are known to tunnel hundreds of feet to reach a new home or feeding site. Unwanted pests are more than a nuisance—they can be a real threat to your property and potentially your health. That is why managed pest control is important. We offer a number of specially tailored treatment and services plans to fit every budget. Our multi-year service plans afford you the utmost in home protection and the great PEACE OF MIND that comes from knowing that your family and home are protected for years to come.