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Buying a new home is exciting. When purchasing a home, it is imperative for home buyers to have the crawlspace, attic and/or basement evaluated to identify harmful conditions prior to closing. Proactivity is cheaper than reactivity, so having an evaluation done when purchasing a home puts you at an advantage.

When purchasing a home here at the Jersey Shore, it is imperative to ensure that the crawlspacebasement, and/or attic are free of conditions that can lead to mold growth that negatively impact indoor air quality, lower energy savings, and that affect structural integrity.

While home inspectors can outline the obvious issues within the crawlspace, basement and attic, our highly trained technicians will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of any and all conditions that can impact energy savings, foster mold growth, and impact health and home value.

Our Process

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Our crawlspace evaluation process includes a 22 point inspection that includes reporting on:

Concluding the evaluation, we provide you with detailed documentation outlining our findings along with photographs, an evaluation report, and a detailed work plan along with pricing to address crawlspace, basement or attic repairs and enhancements.

Following the evaluation, we work with you from contract to closing, providing documentation needed when negotiating credits or repairs from current homeowners. These service recommendations are built around providing you and your family with better indoor air quality, energy savings, and increased home value from the day you receive the keys and decades to come.

Each of our installations are backed with extensive warranties and are transferable. We monitor each installation in our scheduled visits performed during each season, to monitor moisture conditions, seasonal issues, drainage and grading and more.

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