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Are mold, termites and moisture in your crawlspace threatening your indoor air quality, as well as the value of your home?

Consider this: Up to 50% of the home air you are breathing comes up from your crawlspace. Poor home air quality has been directly linked to habitual sinus problems, allergies and athsma.

94% of the air you breathe is in-door air. Moisture problems in your crawlspace could, right now, be causing the growth of unhealthy mold spores, wood decay and insect infestation.

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Protect Your Family's Health and Your Home's Value With A Clean, Dry, Mold Free Crawlspace

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Learn the environmental science that determines the type of conditions that exist in your home;

Discover the type of proactive measures recommended for your particular situation; and

Understand the long-term health and home value benefits obtained from a clean, dry, odor free, moisture controlled crawlspace.

Jersey Shore Home Moisture Management is a company dedicated to educating homeowners about the steps they can take to make their homes healthier and about the environmental significance of lessening & controlling the level of moisture that is allowed to enter their crawlspaces and basements. For this reason we refer to ourselves as Crawlspace Environment Specialists. Numerous studies and reports suggest that over 50% of the air a family breathes originates in the home’s crawlspace or basement. Healthier air means healthier family members. Our technicians are trained in today’s highest industry standards for combating high levels of moisture and humidity, both of which promote unhealthy mold and mildew growth, and for treating effected areas of a neglected crawlspace when mold and mildew is found to have already colonized.  

The first step to a healthier home is contacting us to schedule a Comprehensive Crawlspace Evaluation.

The Company’s Founder: Richard J. Friedman (“Rick”) (Life long Jersey Shore resident)

Business Philosophy: The number one factor in building a successful service organization is earning the respect of your customers, one job at a time. It is recognizing, and making sure that every employee also acknowledges, that “every” job is an important job no matter its size or scope. 

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