What’s up in the Attic?

atticThe best practice to ensure that your attic is free from mold growth, and is insulated properly to defend your home from heating and cooling loss, is through an attic inspection performed by a moisture management professional.

We offer a detailed evaluation that is designed to identify common issues within the attic.  Our technicians analyze the moisture conditions within the crawlspace, as well as ensuring that it is properly vented and insulated.

Here’s what you can expect from our evaluation:

  • Our technicians probe the wood structure at multiple points throughout the attic to determine how much water is held in the pores of the wood.  This reading must remain under 20% to ensure that you do not have environmental conditions present that can lead to mold growth.
  • We then take readings to measure the relative humidity within the attic.  This figure must remain under 55%.  Should it exceed 55%, mold, too, can grow, while leading to a decrease in energy efficiency and cause dust mites and other problems associated with elevated levels of humidity.
  • Our technicians will then assess the ventilation throughout the attic to ensure proper ventilation.  Often, we have found that vents are blocked, leading to a trapping of humidity within the attic.
  • Following we assess the integrity of the insulation.  With blown in insulation, we ensure that it is dispersed evenly.  Many times, we have found that unequal disbursement throughout the attic leads to heat loss.  We check to make sure that your retention value meets or exceeds the energy.gov recommended standards.
  • Lastly, we check for pest or rodent activity to ensure that you have a clean, hygienic attic.

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