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Jersey Shore Crawlspace Evaluations

Let’s face it, the crawlspace is not exactly a part of the home most people frequent.  Being that you live on exposed soil, it’s crucial to have a professional trained in moisture management performing a crawlspace evaluation on a bi-annual basis.  A handy man or pest control company is a great asset to have in maintaining your home, but the crawlspace is an entity that should be maintained by a trained professional who understands the effects of moisture. 

By having your crawlspace evaluation performed by the professionals of Jersey Shore Crawlspace you get a number of benefits.  Each of the two inspections that we provide include photographs and detailed reporting.  Our trained technicians also check for any pest, rodent or termite activity to provide you with peace of mind.  Many issues common within the crawlspace are easily avoided and often self-inflicted.  Mold, odors, and a variety of wood destroying insects and rodents all come to the crawlspace for one reason, and that’s moisture.

What you will see and learn from your Crawlspace Evaluation by Jersey Shore Crawlspace

  • We will discuss with you and thoroughly explain what the filmed report reveals about your crawlspace
  • You will receive a written, 22-point report outlining each facet of the crawlspace.  We check the integrity of your floor and pipe insulation, presence of mold like substances or environmental factors that would support mold growth, whether there are any signs of pest infestations (termite, insect, or rodent), areas of concentrated moisture buildup, the conditions of your vents and if they are performing properly, any air leaks or foundation cracks, and moisture testing as recommended by the EPA.
  • You will learn about Jersey Shore Crawlspace’s recommendations to remain proactive in the crawlspace and avoid large scale projects.
  • You will learn how crawlspace conditions can affect your indoor air quality.
  • You will learn what the latest research in building science suggests regarding reducing and minimizing moisture within your crawlspace.
  • You will learn the positive impact a successful treatment can have on the indoor air quality of your home.
  • You will learn how an evaluation by can provide increased value to your home and if you’re considering putting your home up for sale this is a great measure to take to provide prospective buyers with surety.
  • You will be eligible to receive our ten (10) year treatment guarantee.

Conditions within your crawlspace fluctuate throughout the year and some issues can occur and accelerate quickly.  We provide you with a second visit five to six months after your initial evaluation where we compare the moisture readings with the ones taken on the first visit.  This will uncover ongoing moisture issues that often go unnoticed if not checked at multiple points throughout the year. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!