Crawlspaces in the Summertime

family laying on grassIt’s easy to underestimate the impact your crawlspace has on your home because it isn’t a place you are spending the majority of your time in. But the truth is that your crawlspace has long lasting effects that can cost you money and have long lasting effects on your home and health value. During the warmer months, your crawlspace becomes more humid which can cause more issues within your home.

Uncontrolled moisture is a serious concern to your home value. Living at the Jersey Shore unfortunately includes an abundance of moisture, especially during these harsh and humid summer months. One of the most common places that moisture develops in is in your crawlspace.

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What Are Common Issues That Occur in Crawlspaces During the Summer?

moldCrawlspaces are extremely susceptible to mold growth. Mold growth begins with moisture. Moisture creates an environment to allow mold and mildew to thrive in. Mold can affect your indoor air quality by creating an atmosphere that is extremely unhealthy for you and your family to live in. Moisture can also lead to rot which can cause warp floors and negatively affect your wood structure. To prevent mold damage to your home, save money, and avoid health problems it is crucial to control the moisture in your crawlspace’s environment and eliminate any mold growth.



Insect and rodent infestations are common during these warmer months. These pests are attracted to an inherently moist environment creating a cozy home for them to live in. Critters don’t clean up after themselves, and their droppings get left behind which can contaminate your food and spread diseases throughout your home affecting you and your family. Also, they can cause destruction to your home, causing damage to your insulation and even the wiring in your walls.


insulationAn uninsulated crawlspace lets conditioned air out while allowing in door in, resulting in excessive energy loss throughout the year. Insulating your crawlspace can save you up to 17% on Energy Savings. The envelope of your home is the barrier that prevents the temperatures of inside and outside air from equalizing. The better your home is insulated, the less energy your heating and cooling systems have to use to warm or cool the air in your home.

The Solution: Crawlspace Encapsulation

Here at Jersey Shore Crawlspace, we believe in a fully encapsulated crawlspace is the ultimate solution in keeping the outside environment out of your home and conditions the space to adequately remove excess levels of moisture within your crawlspace environment. Encapsulation helps with issues commonly found during the Summer such as mold growth, excessive energy costs, poor indoor air quality, uncomfortable living environment due to a humid home, Asthma and allergy symptoms caused by excessive humidity, rodent infestation, and much more.

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