How Summer Heat Can Cause Mold Growth!

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Summer heat and an unsealed crawlspace is a recipe for a homeowner’s nightmare. The result of this is a combination for wood rot and mold growth in your crawlspace affecting your home and health value.

Mold thrives from moisture and dead, organic material, most commonly wooden floor joists. During the summertime, your crawlspace is typically cooler than the outside temperatures. When the hot outside air enters through your vents combining with the cool inside temperatures, it creates condensation. Condensation is the start of creating an environment for mold to grow.

It is crucial to have a summer evaluation this season to have one of trained technicians inspect your crawlspace, attic, or basement to ensure your home is not at risk for mold growth and to learn about the steps you can take to prevent it from growing!

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The Process of Mold Growth

stack effect diagramThe process of mold growth starts with the air in your crawlspace. This is known as the stack effect which is the movement of warm, dry air rising and exiting your home through the upper levels and cooler, wet air finding its way into the lower levels in order for the home to equalize. The air that is in your crawlspace and substances light enough such as moisture, mold spores and rodent fecal matter begin to travel through your home.

Throughout this process, whatever substances was in your crawlspace air is now entering the rest of your home breathed in by you and your family. Surprisingly, over 50% of the air you breathe on the first floor of your home comes from your crawlspace.

Dirt crawlspaces that have opened vents are at high risk for mold growth because moisture is constantly being released through your crawlspace. The dirt in your crawlspace may seem dry, but dampness is being revealed only a few inches below that.

How to Prevent Crawlspace Mold

encapsulationCrawlspaces are extremely susceptible to mold growth. But, it is good to know that moisture is the one element that can be controlled with proper moisture management. Our main solution is encapsulating your crawlspace. Encapsulating your crawlspace is the best method to address all aspects of your crawlspace health. The method of Encapsulation is simple. By removing the source of moisture, which mold and mildew thrives in, you will prevent the risk of mold growth. Encapsulation helps with reducing the humidity in your crawlspace, drainage and grading, energy savings, and much more! If mold is already present in your home, we also offer a two stage mold treatment which includes a 10 Year Warranty.

We’re here to help you with any crawlspace issues! Our technicians are trained to find the perfect solution for your home and find out the source of any issues relating to moisture. Contact us today to book an evaluation to ensure your home is not at risk for mold, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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