How to Deal With Pests in Your Attic

For many of us, our attics provide more than empty space above our homes. They give us storage space for our possessions, help dampen sounds from inclement weather and provide an extra layer of insulation to keep us warm. Unfortunately, pests often find attic spaces incredibly welcoming as well, and rodents and insects will happily move in. You don’t want these new roommates, so here’s how to deal with pests in your attic.

Lay traps for rodents

You won’t have trouble figuring out if rodents move into your attic. They’ll chew up insulation, cardboard boxes and just about anything else stored up there. Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to catch every rodent, but just catching one or two will help you identify the pests so that you can come up a thorough plan of attack.

Check for insects and moisture

If you suspect that insects have infested your attic, you will want to exercise caution while you look for them; you don’t want to wander into a wasp nest! Keep an eye out for ants and the signs of termites as well. You will also want to look for any signs of moisture — often it’s the moisture that draws the insects into your attic in the first place!

Let the professionals deal with the pests in your attic

For a small infestation, you may get lucky and eradicate it yourself. Unfortunately, more often than not, rodent and insect infestations in attics require professional assistance. At Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement, we specialize in keeping your basements, crawlspaces and attics in tip-top shape, and that includes getting rid of the pests that want to make these areas their home!

Prevent trouble from returning

Once you eradicate an infestation, ensure that you don’t suffer from another by protecting your attic. Seal off any potential openings that would allow rodents or insects into your attic. You may need to replace wood or seal gaps with foam insulation or caulk — pests will find a way in even through small openings, so be thorough! If you have had moisture issues, make sure you have adequate ventilation to allow moisture to escape the attic.

Call the experts at Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement

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