How to Keep Pests Out of Attics and Crawl Spaces

As a homeowner, you’re doing everything you can to keep your house pest and critter free. However, even the best preventative measures can sometimes break down, simply because there is so much house to worry about -- and much of it can be hard to reach. This is especially true when it comes to attics and crawl spaces.

Even the most diligent homeowner can overlook crucial areas of these forgotten corners of the house, which can lead to your home being invaded by rodents or bugs. Trust us, even if you’ve overlooked these spaces, those unwanted houseguests won’t. How can you keep pests out of your attics and crawl spaces? Here are some tips:

Seal Every Possible Opening

No doubt this one is a no-brainer, but it’s so important it needs to be stated first. Go around the entire space in question -- both on the outside and the inside of your home -- and look for any opening. It doesn’t matter how small the opening might be; outside pests will find a way in! So, seal anything you can find with foam insulation, caulking or even wood.

Lay Traps

If you suspect that rodents might already be in your attic -- and you can usually tell by the noise or by things being mysteriously chewed or torn up -- lay down traps. Keep in mind different sorts of pests require different types of animals need different types of traps. You might not be able to catch all of your invaders with traps, but if you can at least trap one, you can definitively know what you’re dealing with, which can help you come up with a more targeted response.

Control Moisture

If your problem is insects, rather than rodents, then you might have a moisture problem. Because insects need water to survive, an insect problem means that there is a source of water somewhere nearby. Moisture in the attic can be especially difficult to find. So, control the moisture in your attic or crawlspace. You can do so in several ways – by installing a crawl space vapor barrier, putting in a crawl space encapsulation system or using ventilators that can open and close according to temperature.

Call the Experts

If you’ve tried all of these solutions and think you might still have an infestation, then it’s time to bring in the big guns. Call us today at Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancements to talk through your options today!

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