How Minimizing Moisture Can Keep Your Crawlspace Free of Mold, Pests and Rodents

How Minimizing Moisture Can Keep Your Crawlspace Free of Mold, Pests and Rodents

To effectively protect your home from pests, rodents, termites, and mold, your home must have an adequate defense in place to reduce moisture. Moisture can come in several different forms, from standing water and foundation seepage, to excessive relative humidity and condensation. A proactive approach can help prevent issues common within crawlspace homes here on the Jersey Shore.

The common thread between mold, pests, rodents and termites is that of moisture.

  • Mold relies on a moist environment to grow. It requires a Wood Moisture Content exceeding 20% and/or Relative Humidity in excess of 55% to sustain life. It feeds on the protein in your wood structure and can cause asthma and allergy symptoms, negative impacts on home value, and structural integrity issues. Condensation can accelerate mold growth and occur in a matter of days, should the environmental conditions be present.
  • Pests and rodents are attracted to our homes as they have the same basic needs as humans, food, shelter and water. Our method is to reduce the need for chemical applications by making your home less attractive to pests by reducing moisture and ensuring that your home is sealed properly from the outdoors by means of installing proper doors, vents and coverings, as well as sealing air leaks and foundation cracks.
  • Termites prefer the path of least resistance. Termites find moist wood and the undisturbed nature of the crawlspace as an attractive location to expand their colony. It is important to reduce moisture sources and lower the wood moisture content as a means to make your home less attractive to unwanted guests. Termites account for millions of dollars of home damage, not covered under Homeowner’s Insurance each year.

This may seem a tall order but the principle is simple -- reduce moisture, reduce the issues common within crawlspace homes.

Services Designed to Reduce Moisture in your Crawlspace Home

vapor barrier blogString Reinforced Vapor Barrier Installations:

We offer 12-20 Mil String Reinforced Vapor Barrier Installations. These installations are performed using the highest quality of materials and install at unbeatable pricing. The material is antimicrobial and made right here in the United States.

Vapor Barriers play an essential role in mitigating the flow of water vapor from rising and being absorbed by your wood structure, damaging insulation, and increasing the Wood Moisture Content and Relative Humidity within your home.


compact dehu installed blogCrawlspace Dehumidifier Installations:

Dehumidifiers regulate the humidity levels within your crawlspace by eliminating excess humidity. Not all dehumidifiers are created equal. Our units meet the highest standards of energy efficiency and have an air filtration system that improves air quality. These are not your average dehumidifiers, they are made specific for the crawlspace.



drains blogFrench Drains/Sump Pump Systems:

For heavy moisture intrusion, we offer a full line of drainage systems to create a passive environment where moisture can be collected throughout the crawlspace, then effectively pumped outside of the crawlspace environment to prevent issues common with excessive moisture.

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