Summer Ventilation in Your Crawlspace

Your crawlspace’s condition has a huge impact on the comfort, home & health value, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality throughout your home. Crawlspaces seem to be the forgotten area in your home and it’s common to underestimate the impact it has on you and your home. Your crawlspace’s condition can have long lasting effects that can cost you money and also comes with risks that compromise the safety and value of your home. A lot of these issues stem from ventilation in your crawlspace.

Foundation vents are in place to help provide adequate ventilation within your crawlspace. From flood vents, to temperature vents, we offer a number of different options to install for any crawlspace application.

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Automatic Temperature Vents

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Automatic Temperature Vents open and close automatically with the temperature. They take the worry out of having to remember to open and close them with the weather changes. They have a tiny bi-metal coil that reacts to the temperature, closing when the temperature drops below 46 degrees and opening the same. We offer these vents in brown, black, and grey to match your home.

Smart Vents


Smart Vents act to relieve thermostatic pressure in the event of a flood, which can save you thousands of dollars on flood insurance. When water rises, the vents shift to the open position to allow a passive flow of water to avoid pressure from building up, compromising your foundation. Smart vents can be installed in garage doors, insulated to close off the crawlspace for encapsulated applications, and dual functioning to open and close with temperature.

Vent Wells

vent well

Every vent application can benefit from a vent well! These are most beneficial in periods of rain, because water can often find its way into your crawlspace. Crawlspace vent wells provide drainage around your vents, keeping water out of your crawlspace. Our vent wells are backfilled with pea gravel to provide additional drainage capabilities.

We stand by our encapsulation system to be the most efficient way to tackle the wide range of issues that can occur in crawlspace homes. We understand that some homeowners may wish to explore other options first, such as ventilation, and we fully support that! We quite often advise ensuring proper ventilation along with monitoring your crawlspace year round to allow the conditions to dictate our recommendations.

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