Top 10 Ways Humidity Can Impact Home Value & Your Health

Crawlspace DehumidifierExcessive humidity can affect the quality of your living environment in a variety of ways. This problem can affect the value of the home if it is left untreated. Fortunately, the signs of excessive humidity are relatively clear. After you understand how important it is to maintain adequate levels of humidity in the home, you can take preventative measures at the earliest possible moment. Once the damage is done, it is very difficult to reverse.

Excessive humidity levels can affect the health of your family or the value of your home in the following ways:

  1. You may see the paint peeling from the walls. Although this might appear to be a purely cosmetic problem, the paint indicates the underlying issue.
  2. Water damage from humidity is just as devastating to the structure of the property as water damage from a leaky pipe.
  3. Some of the plywood or drywall that is exposed may show signs of moisture.
  4. One of the most dangerous signs of excessive humidity is mold.
  5. Once your property is damaged by water from excessive showering without proper ventilation, mold or mildew can grow rapidly.
  6. Dry areas will be affected by the lack of humidity. This can cause the wood in the structure of the home to be damaged.
  7. Excessively dry climates can also damage paper products that are used inside of the home. The moisture will be drained out of any material that has a porous composition.
  8. Musical instruments can be affected by humidity levels, and this can have a negative psychological effect on anyone who has invested time and money into the instrument.
  9. Some types of flooring can be affected by extreme humidity levels. If the floor is made from wood products, the changes in humidity levels can cause the panels to expand and contract. Over time, this can cause cracks, warping and other signs of excessive tear.
  10. Walls are also susceptible to structural damage from excessively moist or dry levels of humidity. In addition to the paint that may peel on the surface, the drywall underneath can be affected by the moisture that caused the cosmetic damage to occur. Mold and mildew can grow unseen in the walls, and this can substantially depreciate the value of the property.

Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement

You need to protect against excessive humidity, but the opposite issue can also cause damage as well. For example, if the humidity levels are too low, you will also see detrimental impacts to the health of your family members. In addition, the property values can be affected by extreme humidity or lack of proper humidity levels. Contact Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement and speak to one of our service professionals for additional information.

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