Your Crawl Space Might Have Mold

In our years of service to the shoreline area, Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancements Specialists has developed expert treatment plans for mold. The dark, warm and humid environments under our homes are ideal breeding grounds for mold, and the problem can be difficult to treat.

If you suspect that you might have mold, it’s imperative that you contact us right away. Mold spreads through the releasing of tiny spores, which can then travel on any breeze and establish a new growth quite far away from the original source.

Mold spores can colonize carpets, interior walls and more. Once it begins to spread, it can be nearly impossible to remove all of the mold within the structure of the home.

There are also additional health-related concerns, particularly for those that suffer from breathing disorders, asthma, are very young or elderly. Even spores that fail to spread can irritate the sensitive respiratory system and cause illness.

Scents and Condensation

Often before it’s visible to your living spaces, mold growth in the crawl space will cause a musty smell to penetrate specific areas adjacent to the growth. You’ll be more likely to notice this in high-moisture areas of your home first.

Laundry rooms, bathrooms and more will smell strongly of mold. If you can detect a scent but not see the mold, chances are that you have mold under your floor in your crawlspace. Early treatment can prevent this growth from penetrating into your walls and invading the interior of your home.

Condensation on the walls is also a sign of mold. Not only does it attract the growth of mold, once established, mold can lessen the ventilation systems of your home and increase the humidity. If your windows, walls and other surfaces are suddenly holding a lot more water than they did in the past, you should probably have a mold inspection conducted.

Stains and Spots

Mold growth can lead to odd stains and spots on opposing surfaces. While you’re unlikely to see actual mold on the facing surface, you may begin to notice spots on your floors or walls that won’t scrub off.

These are caused by the growth of mold on the opposite side of the surface. As the mold grows, it causes staining in irregular ring-like patterns. These can range in color from white, red, yellow, orange or blackish grey.

You Have a Cold You Can’t Shake

In the absence of everything else, if you are constantly battling sinus issues, mold could be the culprit. Some mold spores can even colonize the sinus cavity itself, leading to a condition referred to as a fungal ball. Sometimes surgery is needed to restore the patient’s sinus health.

If you find that you wake up daily with puffy eyes, a sore throat or suffer coughing and sneezing fits more frequently within your home than outside of it, you may be suffering from a low-grade mold induced irritation of your respiratory system.

As you can see, time is of the essence when dealing with a potential mold problem. Reach out to Jersy Shore Crawlspaces at the first sign of a problem. Our technicians are specially trained in proper procedures to eliminate the mold in your home quickly and can help you prevent its recurrence.

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