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Crawlspace Dehumidifiers

Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement only installs the highest quality of Dehumidifiers. Each of our dehumidifier installations comes with a 6 year warranty. Regardless of your home’s foot print, we have a solution for your humidity!

Controlling humidity is the most important step you can take in protecting your home, while providing comfort, and ensuring your family’s health. We offer a full line of high capacity units, with high energy efficiency.

Humidity is the amount of moisture or water vapor held in the air. The Relative Humidity is the amount of water vapor present in the air in comparison to the greatest amount of vapor the air can hold at that temperature. The optimal Relative Humidity level within a home is between 30% and 50%. Anything above this range can result in mold or bacteria growth.

Our dehumidifiers have an onboard humidistat that is set by our highly skilled technicians to kick on when the humidity in your crawlspace reaches 50% Relative Humidity. Once the humidity is pulled from the air it runs into a condensation pump that then diverts the water through plumbing and is disposed of outside of the crawlspace.

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