Crawlspace Services

crawlspace servicesThe Comprehensive Crawlspace Evaluation (CSE)

This is a 22 point inspection complete with a digitally filmed report and moisture level readings which are then discussed with the homeowner. Click On Crawlspace Evaluations for a full description

Complete Crawlspace Clean-outs with optional waste disposal

We are a state licensed waste transporter so, as an option, we offer to legally remove and dispose of all of your job waste as well as any other debre you may wish to have removed from your home.

Removal of old, rotten or damaged insulation and installation of new, energy saving encapsulated insulation

Establishment of moisture control protection utilizing proper vapor barriers and ground coverings

A vapor barrier is a form of plastic sheeting that is absolutely impervious to water vapor. The Building Research Advisory Board highly recommends this form of flexible ground cover and vapor barriers, of this type, have consistently proven to significantly reduce homeowners' energy costs. JSHMM'S ground cover vapor barriers are deterioration-proof and will never rot, harden, crack or peel.We utilize custom cut 12 Mil polyethelene coverings.

  • Environmentally friendly mold and fungi treatments (with treatment guarantee)
  • Flood venting or conventional moisture venting
  • Complete sanitization and disinfecting of crawlspace
  • General pest control services and rodent treatments
  • Dehumidifier installation
  • Annual inspection and servicing of manual crawlspace vents
  • After storm recovery services
  • Insurance reports
  • General Home Junk & Trash Removal

Did You Know ThatResearch has shown that homeowners who utilize professional methods for preventing or reducing the moisture that is allowed to enter their homes have a much greater likelihood of limiting the extent of potential damage to their homes caused by either wood destroying insects, wood decay or fungi that can lead to harmful mold and mildew spores.

If you think that your family could be breathing unhealthy air, schedule a comprehensive evaluation of your home’s crawlspace with Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement today.

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