Crawlspace Ventilation

Without a dehumidifier, crawlspace ventilation is crucial to stand up against the elements.  Jersey Shore Crawlspace Enhancement offers a number of different crawlspace vent styles for installation.  We install Smart Flood Vents, Automatic Temperature Vents, and more.

During each of our evaluations at your home, we will analyze your current ventilation system and provide feedback on how well your crawlspace is ventilated

Smart Vents

smart vent

Smart Vents act to relive Thermostatic Pressure in the event of a flood.  When water rises, the vents shift to the open position to allow a passive flow of flood waters to avoid pressure from building up, compromising your foundation.  These vents are FEMA Approved and can greatly reduce your Flood Insurance.  A great investment to your future in your home!  These vents are made to be installed into garages, raised homes, crawlspaces, and more.

Automatic Temperature Vents

Temp VentAutomatic Temperature vents open and close automatically with the temperature.  They have a tiny bi-metal coil that react to temperature, closing when the temperature drops below 46 degrees and opening the same.  During each of our evaluations we service your foundation vents to ensure functionality

To vent or not to vent your crawlspace?

Each crawlspace home is different.  We often get asked the question to vent or not to vent your crawlspace.  Quite often we advise our customers that an encapsulated crawlspace is the most efficient way to tackle the wide array of issues that can occur in crawlspace homes.  We understand that some homeowners may wish to explore other options first, and we fully support that!

Our technicians take their time to advise you of the priorities within your crawlspace and what components of encapsulation can be utilized before recommending a fully encapsulated system.  We quite often advise ensuring proper ventilation along with monitoring of your crawlspace conditions throughout the year to allow the conditions to dictate our recommendations.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide adequate monitoring to ensure that each answer to this question suits your goals and helps to increase home value, while providing you and your family with a healthy home.

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