How Do Home Sellers Benefit from Crawlspace Services?

Home SellersWhen selling your home, here at the Jersey Shore, it is important to know what’s going on in your crawlspace.

Whether you’re contemplating selling, having your home listed, or are actively receiving bids or are under contract, having a comprehensive crawlspace evaluation by Jersey Shore Crawlspace can reduce stressful circumstances in the selling process, and increase home value, listing price, and get your home sold quicker.

During the home inspection process, buyers and home inspectors alike are looking for your crawlspace, basement, and attic to be dry, and possess certain components that protect the home from mold, mildew, energy loss, and poor indoor air quality.

Key components that buyers and home inspectors are looking for:

  • Mold free crawlspace, basement and/or attic
  • For crawlspaces over exposed soil, a 12 Mil String Reinforced Vapor Barrier
  • A crawlspace/basement free of standing water, and if moisture issues are evident that a proper system be in place to address.
  • Limited yard drainage issues
  • Appropriate ventilation, or dehumidification
  • Proper crawlspace doors and coverings

How We Can Help

Home SellersAn abundance of issues can occur in your crawlspace, basement or attic without realizing. It happens, these are not high traffic areas.

Regardless of the circumstances, we are here to help. With each of our evaluations we provide you with the documentation and support needed to supply your realtor, attorney and buyer the documentation necessary in the selling of your home. We additionally provide you with photographs, and evaluation report and detailed recommendations and pricing.

Our technicians then sit with you to go over the priorities and help to outline the most cost effective ways to address and get your home sold!

With each installation, comes our extensive warranties. Our warranties are transferable, too! So when your showing your home you can outline the areas within the crawlspace, basement or attic, that are covered under warranty with Jersey Shore Crawlspace to bolster the level of protection provided in these areas.

Contact Jersey Shore Crawlspace today to schedule a service!

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